Why Terrorism?

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Why Terrorism?

Trained initially as a mathematician I am still fascinated by the pseudoscience of statistics and correlation. It got me to wondering what is it that correlates so highly with terrorists and their hatred and desire for retribution. Not surprisingly, there is almost a 100% correlation between the country of origin of active terrorists and regimes whose governments are supplied arms by the major powers, the prime examples being the United States and the Soviet Union.

History has proven the futility of war unless you are prepared to annihilate your opposition and enslave those remaining. Otherwise, the price is too high and if your enemy is well equipped to thwart your incursion there is a good chance someone can be enlisted to come to their aid and you stand a good chance of losing or gaining nothing. World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars but some of the winners drove the losers to near starvation and the result was Hitler and World War II. Hitler like his Russian counterpart Josef Stalin would have ultimately collapsed without outside interference because they were incapable of perpetuating their regimes by eliminating any possible successor. The great equalizer, that makes even the little guy who possesses it a veritable equal, is atomic weapons and the means of delivering them, either overtly or clandestinely.

Atomic weapons make conventional weapons obsolete with the exception of restraining a country’s own population who wish to be in control. We and the Soviets have been the biggest purveyors of conventional weapons of choice for governments whose sole purpose in having these weapons is to stifle internal revolt. When minorities can organize to overthrow what they deem oppressive regimes they look to see who is to blame for arming the opposition. I contend when we supply these governments with arms we can only be seen as interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

Eisenhower warned as did George Washington of our involvement in the affairs of other countries which in all cases is supported by the very military industrial complex cited by Eisenhower. It started in the Cold War when this same group and their supporters urged the large buildup to thwart a supposed Soviet attack which Stalin, even at his craziest would never have contemplated. We gain nothing by our military support of foreign governments in fact just the opposite. If we want to stop terrorist attacks our foreign policy should be we will recognize any country that will be responsible for the acts of their citizens when in our country and we will be responsible for our citizens. We will trade freely in any items except we will not provide arms of any kind. As for our own defense, we should put every country on notice that has or wants to obtain nuclear weapons that if one atomic weapon is detonated in the United States, we will immediately retaliate against the capitals of all of them and sort out later who might have been responsible. That includes our supposed friends in Great Britain, France, and Israel. This threat will remain until the satisfactory and verifiable elimination of atomic weapons is achieved.

If we want to put a stop to terrorism against Americans let’s stop supporting governments with arms and money. You can’t buy friends, only enemies.