Some women aren't dark enough...

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Some women aren't dark enough...

Apparently, some people have so little confidence they must have 100% affirmation at all times... even when they insult others.

That said, women have been doing the "strategic tears" thing to men for thousands of years... or does it just seem that long?

Tom C
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It's an interesting idea, and

It's an interesting idea, and worth meditating on the "strategic tears" action. Would an African-American woman have less affect if she attempted a "strategic tears" effort? Are there other manipulative tools the average African-American woman might resort to? I'm just following up on the issue raised. I think it might be a legitimate one, and the speaker raises an worthwhile point.

Personally, because I am a grizzled old fart, I just don't react to tears anymore, other than handing over a Kleenex when the snot starts rolling down. I'll stay on topic, and deal with what need to be done.

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