"Sleeping Giant": Leftie astroturf outrage machine

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Tom C
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"Sleeping Giant": Leftie astroturf outrage machine
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Sure explains a lot.

Sure explains a lot.

The "Hillbots" were everywhere during the election. You couldn't make any statement about HER without the swarm descending. Canned responses filled with vicious attacks. Some of the bots would even "report" things in order to get people banned.

So now it's clear this is still going on, and the press is complicit.

Melvin Udall
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Once more, "with feeling:"

Once more, "with feeling:"

Schaeffer's First Law of the Digital Age:

The Global Digital Infrastructure (GDI) connects all human life on the planet into a single, giant, metastasizing organism throbbing with incredible potential for advancing human good, expanding knowledge exponentially, invading our lives with unimaginable malice and evil, and transforming unsuspecting users into helpless and obedient cyborgs.

Schaeffer's Second Law of the Digital Age:

Each breakthrough in utility deriving from advances in the Global Digital Domain is accompanied by equal or greater vulnerabilities and potential detriments to quality of life. Anything that can do amazingly great things for you can almost always do terribly awful things to you as well.

Schaeffer's Third Law of the Digital Age:

It's impossible to make or enforce laws to guard the people against the dangers of global digital power and impossible to prevent exponential growth in this power. The Zuckerbergs and Bezoses and Googles of the world may propose to use their power benevolently, but they plan to use it and grow it without limit. They claim they'll be good masters, but they mean to be masters.

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