The Russia Hoax

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The Russia Hoax

Sort of an interesting article on Obama's shadow the government & sedition factory for dealing with Trump's loss. The obvious problem with that being the hildebeast lost, and she and the putz holder don't think they should be nice to us. I'm heartbroken but think I could mend my wounds if they both fell off the face of the earth and took the manchurian with them. The rantings from the seditious whorehouse are getting a little boring. And yes, I do prefer to be governed not ruled thank you not so much.

The article BTW also outlines just how few friends a non-establishment type can expect from the swamp, something Trump should continue to bear in mind, especially in staffing and what he might tell whom. Keeping a photo of Jeff Sessions inscribed with "Et tu, Brute?" (the original version of Et tu Brutus), on some inconspicuous corner of his desk might be a good guide to surviving the whorehouse.