Incel: Can't get no satisfaction

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Incel: Can't get no satisfaction

The Guardian's "This Week in Patriarchy" newsletter email has this gem this week:

Did the Free Love movement reduce sex from an act of affection to just a physical function, and is this new incel problem a consequence?

Perhaps the solution comes in the form of lifelike plastic and rubber? That's the only possibility that they could have a right to...

Melvin Udall
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see the college campus

see the college campus "hookup culture," which is an attempt to white-wash the former terms promiscuity, one-night stand, slut, etc... You'll see the term "f_ck boy" regularly in the Bowdoin campus rag.

Tom C
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Incel. lol.

Incel. lol.

Got a few at AMG, I'd venture.

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No kidding. Throw a dart.

No kidding. Throw a dart.

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And puncture Jassie's

And puncture Jassie's girlfriend.

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