Bad crash this Xmass ..Worst of 2011

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Bad crash this Xmass ..Worst of 2011

Maine's worst crash of 2011, 4 killed

PALERMO, Maine -- ...Christmas Day...accident was the state's deadliest this year, taking the lives of four people.

...the four, all men, died instantly in the two-vehicle crash about 1:30 p.m. Sunday. The accident occurred on Route 3 in Palermo.

Troopers believe the weather was a factor..... Troopers say a sport-utility vehicle slipped sideways in the road and was hit broadside by an oncoming car.

.... All four were from Maine and of two different families.

Here are more details however too many words in the article to post in the forum:

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According to the BDN this

According to the BDN this morning, two brothers from Bucksport, the driver being 21, were in an SUV that, according to police, was going too fast for conditions. Lost control and went sideways into the other lane where they were T-boned by a car carrying a father and son, all 4 occupants being killed instantly.

One of the problems with so many people having 4wd vehicles these days is that many feel "invincible" on slippery roads. A 4 whl drive vehicle has it's own "pecularities" in slippery going, things the salesman did NOT tell you about. More than a few think their all wheel drive insulates them from the laws of physics.

Unfortunately not so, as we have seen....way too often.


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What a horrible crash. That's

What a horrible crash. That's a bad hill in the snow, regardless of speed.

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